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 Tile it the Right Way!

Building your dream house is one of the most exciting and fulfilling part of your life. As the saying goes, a house become a home when there is love built within. That’s the reason why we want everything in our new home to be comfortable and sentimental at the same time.

 Create Experiences and Memories at Home

Nowadays, everyone is consumed with his or her own hectic schedules. The house that is well-loved can become a lodging area where busy people sleep, take a shower, and change clothes. Why not change the routine and turn activities into experiences that later can become lasting memories to revel in.

 How to Diffuse Natural Light

If it happened that your house is positioned on the West, your space might be absorbing the sun's heat from noontime till the sun sets. Below are some suggestions on how to diffuse natural light from your home.

 Affordable Floor Types for Filipino Homes

Going through humid and hot temperatures, we have to keep our base in good condition. Here are cost-effective floor yet beautiful floor types you can consider.

 Make Your House Rainy Season-Ready

As we say goodbye to the scorching heat and welcome the cooler days, our houses need the much attention than ever for us to secure protection. Here are some reliable things to consider:

 Embellish Your Home for the Rainy Season

It doesn’t mean that the days are gloomy with the rain, your house will be one as well. Below are some suggestions to spike up the vibrancy of your home.

 Rainy Days Safety Precautions at Home

The transition from summer to the rainy days may pose unrecognized hazards. But with preparations beforehand, we can skip out on being in a menace. Here are some things to check out during the rainy season.

 Petty Details, Significant Safety

The small details provide a huge protection for everyone in the household and for your guests. Here are some little points that you could review to ensure house safety.

 How to Make Your House “Instagrammable”

With everyone ecstatic to keep the hype of connectivity, our me-time moments are shared with our world. But how can you make your own space worthy of a must-post selfie? Here are some unique suggestions.

 Minor Details That Create a Bang

We would like to pomp out our home and establish an impression everyone will remember. Here are small details that we might not be paying much of an attention yet the significance is laudable.

 Be Happier at Home

Relaxing and having fun are usually done outdoors. Strolling in a mall, going to a park, having a cup of your favorite coffee, why go out if you can unwind in the comfort of your home? Here are the basics to enjoy at home.

 Natural Ways to Eliminate House Odor

The daily activities pile the house with a variety of odors, which could later be disturbing. Below are some natural ways of eliminating that stinky smell.

 The Much Awaited Evy Victoria Ville Grand Open House - March 2018

“Everything is just around the corner” has been on its high for ten and still counting. Constructing houses, building homes, uniting families closer in love has consistently been the passion through the years.

 Come Home to Your Home

Some treat their houses as a lodging area where they could sleep and take a bath, while others rush to their homes to be comforted and be at ease. Can you relate to this? Well, here are some suggestions to make your house a welcoming one, to your guests, for you.

 MyHome Announces Evy’s Upcoming 10th Year Anniversary and Launching of Victoria Ville

February 2018 - MyHome, the Philippine’s leading home magazine, in its Events section, gives a glimpse of Evy Construction & Development Corporation’s new pride that’s about to be launched – Victoria Ville community in the heart of Cavite.

 Evy Victoria Ville Banner Flashed in Business Mirror January 2018

Victoria Ville’s banner, “Everything is just around the corner” has been featured in Business Mirror – giving everyone, every reason why Victoria Ville has everything that we want for a home.

 Perks of Living in a Subdivision

Everything is just around the corner.

 Collaborate designing and learning at home

Design and purpose sometimes conflict each other. When the baby ages and starts to learn, the house's image shifts into a kindergarten room. Here are some ways to keep your style while teaching your little one at home.

 Turn your house into a party place

The upcoming holidays call for party venues. But why rent a party place if you can turn your space into one. Here are some unique ways to add space and spice up your home.

 5 Simple ways to pamper your home

Every day is a busy day, we come and go home minding ourselves better than our home. But coming home can be warmer if we spend time recreating it.

 CEO Magazine Asia features Evy for November 2017 issue

Cavite’s pride - Evy just got featured in the November 2017 issue of the prestigious CEO Asia magazine.

 Evy Victoriaville – One of the Most Searched Subdivisions in Bacoor, Cavite

If you’re looking for the easiest to reach, cozy home at a cost-effective price, you’ve got the right location in mind.

 Space-maker ideas for small houses

To embellish one’s home is a pleasant indication of joy and achievement. Year after year, the trends are modified. The dainty floor plan decorating becomes challenging.

 House Essentials for Newlyweds

Newlyweds are actually packed with a lot of stuff as gifts received from their big day. But as this couple unboxes the gifts, they might ask, "Which of this stuff will be useful at the beginning?"

 House hacks: How to deal with kids’ doodles

Teaching kids is full of fun and challenges. When they progress and apply what they learn, it surely warms our hearts and it feels like more of a reward for hard work.

 Moving on: 6 Best Ways to have an Organized Move

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving near or far—it’s important to stay organized during your move.

 High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Now Available

 5 Perfect Locations to Buy a House in Cavite

Cavite is among the top choices in the Southern area in terms of being a residential haven because you get everything that’s relevant in the metro but they’re set in a more tranquil and orderly environment.

 6 Legal Documents You will Encounter When Buying a Home

Buying a home is a costly investment. As part of your protection and due diligence, it is important that you secure the right paperwork. The main reason for keeping these documents is for your future reference or in the event you need it for legal purposes.

 7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Cavite

Choosing between the slow-paced life in the county and the fast career advancement in the city can be a difficult decision. But with the fast growing provinces like Cavite, one can enjoy the perks of both worlds.

 Is it better to Rent or Own a House?

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make. However, the decision-making process alone is not easy since you know it would involve your money that you earned after a lot of effort.

 How do you know if you’re ready to buy a home? – Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Buying a house is one of life’s most monumental milestones. No other investment gives you a more satisfying and accomplished feeling than the purchase of a home.

 Now Hiring

Job opportunities at EVY Victoriaville: We are now looking for skilled Carpenter, Mason and Tinsmith.

 House & Lot or Condo?

Do you find yourself in a predicament whether to buy a house and lot or a condominium unit? Choosing a location, and determining the budget, will help you make a swift purchasing decision, but these don’t comprise all factors.

 How to find your ideal real estate?

It has been a must to have your own house and lot these days. It had been said to be a very good investment especially for a starting family.

 Getting a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

If you have decided to get your home loan assistance with Pag-IBIG Mutual Fund, here’s your guide on how you can apply for the loan.

 Which is better? In-house, Bank or PAG-IBIG loan?

When looking for a place to put down roots, homeowners do seem to have some clear preferences. They want great neighborhoods close to work.

 A Filipino’s Home Buying Guide

When looking for a place to put down roots, homeowners do seem to have some clear preferences. They want great neighborhoods close to work.

 Open House Viewing

Find your Dream Home at Evy Victoria Ville Open House - where everything you need is just around the corner.

 3-Storey Christina Model - Limited slots only. Grab one now!

LIMITED OFFER! We've got limited slots remaining for Evy Ville Victoria's 3-Storey Christina Model, our best seller of this season.

 4-Storey Commercial Soon to Rise!

At Evy Victoria Ville, everything is just around the corner - plus your investment opportunities!

 New Website Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, redesigned with a fresh look and feel, with improved navigation to help you find the information you require or get in touch with us more easily. The new website is mobile device ready and will be much easier for you to use on your smartphone or tablet.

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